Mighty Jaxx

A Wood Awakening Donkey(Getaway Edition)


Only 3 pieces in stock!

After their previous escapade to the carnival, the donkey-eared real boy and his new-found BFF decided that their next destination will be somewhere brighter, warmer, and much less sinister. Greeted by soft white sand and dancing palm trees, the duo can hardly contain the excitement in their hearts and their pants!

Here comes the two besties, paying no mind to man-eating whales and sunburns, because boy... it’s time to get wet!

Vinyl figurine

Vendor Style number: ORG21JGAWABFFGE22

Dimensions of the piece : Main 29.2cm. Friend 7.6cm

Finish: Multicolour


Special product presentation in partnership with WDLT117 Toronto.  WDLT117 is a luxury designer concept store located in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  For more information please visit www.wdlt117.com or @wdlt117 on Instagram.

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