Glove Thumbs Up' Large - Disney LED Art


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Bring the playful spirit of Disney's Mickey Mouse into your space with this LED neon sign featuring Mickey Mouse’s iconic gloves giving a cheerful thumbs up. This bright LED neon sign adds a magic touch, making it the perfect accent to light up any room and spread positivity wherever it resides.

Size: 16.7 x 19.6 inches (42.4 x 50 cm)

Color: White

Designed to shine:

LED neon artwork

Energy-efficient tubing

Cut-to-shape backing

Shipped in a custom premium box



Special product presentation in partnership with WDLT117 Toronto.  WDLT117 is a luxury designer concept store located in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  For more information please visit or @wdlt117 on Instagram.

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