Fallen Chandelier M White


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Fallen Chandelier is an M size wireless rechargeable lamp suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, designed by Studio Job. Influenced by 19th century Thonet classic curves, this object travels through times to be the outstanding protagonist in each place it lives in and accompany you in a timeless dream of elegance. It can be regulated from a distance by remote control.


Vendor Colour: White

Light Source: 6X 3W LED

Cable Length: 100 cm 

Battery Autonomy: White LED/ Remote. 

Dimensions (L - W - H): 106.00 X 80.00 X 91.00 cm, chandelier dimensions: 90 X 84 X 76 cm

Weight: 6 KG

Fabrication: 100% POLYETHYLENE

Made in Italy.

 Special product presentation in partnership with WDLT117 Toronto.  WDLT117 is a luxury designer concept store located in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  For more information please visit www.wdlt117.com or @wdlt117 on Instagram.

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