Leblon Delienne

Mickey Flow by Arik Levy


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"The idea behind Mickey Flow is all about the contrast between solid and liquid, static and fluid. Mickey being 90 years old and a solid figure in our personal and collective memories and souvenirs, the fluid side represents the billions of smiles around the world he creates."


Resin figurine

Vendor Style number: DISAT043MKALNOBC

Dimensions of the piece : Height 43 cm, Depth 12 cm, Width 14 cm.

Finish: Black and White

Limited edition of 500 copies per colour.


Special product presentation in partnership with WDLT117 Toronto.  WDLT117 is a luxury designer concept store located in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  For more information please visit www.wdlt117.com or @wdlt117 on Instagram.

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