Leblon Delienne

Snoopy Crown - White/Gold Chrome


Only 1 piece in stock!

Here is Snoopy, the sweetest character of Peanuts!  A version of Snoopy wearing a chromed gold crown.  Design and concept by Leblon Delienne's artists in France.

Resin figurine

Vendor Style number: PEAST0310MAMEOR

Dimensions of the piece : Height 31 cm.

Finish: Matte White/Gold Chrome

Open edition

* Chromed pieces are obtained with a meticulous and complex process. As a result, parts can sometimes have minimal finishing irregularities, often imperceptible at first glance. This does not alter the manufacturing quality of our creations.


Special product presentation in partnership with WDLT117 Toronto.  WDLT117 is a luxury designer concept store located in Toronto’s Yorkville area.  For more information please visit www.wdlt117.com or @wdlt117 on Instagram.

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